2nd to 12th August


42nd International Rally at Arnborg, Herning, Danmark 2014


The 44th Vintage Glider Rally 2016 takes place at Räyskälä Airfield, Finland, from the 25th of July to the 4th of August 2016.

Rendezvous takes place at Oripää Airfield, Northeast of Turku, Finland, from the 18th to the 23rd of July, 2016.

Both airfields have hosted major international gliding championships in the past. There is a common homepage for these events, click:  vgc2016.fi


The Rally seen throught to pen of Jens Erik BygvraaJEB1

The artist Jens Erik Bygvraa was present during to whole rally and with an eye for details he has caught the essence of the various activities and held them for us all to enjoy in five humorous drawings, here and there you may find them ironical, but there is alwas humor and love for gliding behind. Jens was once a glider pilot himself. 

Under the menu Gallery you will find photos from the rally, compare them to the drawings showing Jens' interpretation - prepare yourself for surprise!

Jens sell these drawings at a price of only DKK 100 a piece.

You may order all five drawing at a reduced price of DKK 400.

The small drawings measure 36x26 centimetres. The broad format drawing measures 56x20 centimetres.

All drawings are black and white on heavy (230 grammes) mat paper with a 4 centimetre border around.

Get all 5 drawings on a poster 58x70 centimetres, printet on 120 grammes paper at a price of DKK 120.

Forwarding costs: Denmark DKK 35, Europe DKK 45, elswhere  DKK 65

Order here: mail(a)jebsign.dk (insert the @-sign for valid address) or mobil phone +45 6199 6284




Ealier drawings

Jens has captured the atmosphere and details at many gliding competitions during the years and made a collection of "16 drawings from the history of flying". These very humorous drawings and a couple of other collections of gliding and aviation drawings are available through Jens at the price quoted below - forwarding see above:

"JEB og Arnborg 1982-84", a booklet of 28 drawings of gliders and gliding events in Arnborgi: DKK 150.

"Aerodyn 1982": DKK 50.

"Flyvningens historie", 16 drawings from the history of flying in an envelope: DKK 200. - Click here













The new hangar has been taken into use.

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