2nd to 12th August


42nd International Rally at Arnborg, Herning, Danmark 2014


Det 44. Vintage Glider Rally 2016 finder sted på Räyskälä Flyveplads i det sydlige Finland, nordvest for Helsinki, fra den 25. juli til den 4. august 2016.

Rendezvous finder sted på Oripää Flyveplads, nordøst for Turku, fra den 18. - 23. juli, 2016.

Begge flyvpladser har huset internationale svæveflyvemesterskaber tidligere. Der er en fælles hjemmeside klik:  vgc2016.fi

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Cabins for renting at Arnborg Gliding Centre

Latest, 5th of July: The cabin "Cowboysti 4" at Gliding Center Arnborg has become available for rent! - Look below for further infomation.

15th of July: A flat in the Arnborg Old School has been offered for rent, see below

A number of the cabins at the gliding centre are available for rent during the VGC Rally. The cabins owned by the center are all for rent and a number of the privately owned have courteously also been offered.Below you will find a list of these cabins, pictures as well as a pdf to view or download showing details (size, number of beds, price, contact information etc.) of each cabin.
If you are interested in renting a cabin, please make the contact directly with the owner as stated at the top of the pdf info sheet.



The cabins shown here with their address (see street names and location at the picture to the right)
Except for Wall Street the streets have been named after renowned Danish gliderpilots.









Arnborg Old School: Description (pdf)



Cowboysti 4: Description (pdf)

 Cowboysti 5:

 Cowboysti 13:

 Cowboysti 19:

Cowboysti 30:

Cowboysti 35:

Dyhr Thomsens Vej 1, 3 og 5:

Dyhr Thomsens Vej 7:

Dyhr Thomsens Vej 9:

Wall Street 103:

Wall Street 105:

Wall Street 111:

Wall Street 114:

Wall Street 115:

Weishauptvænget 210 E:

Weishauptvænget 212:

Owners homepage: www.bennekou.eu/hytte_ab/index.htm

Weishauptvænget 230:

Weishauptvænget 240:


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